Pietermaritzburg mission 2012 – Fraternal meeting

03 Aug

Almost 49 years since African Enterprise conducted its first ever city-wide mission in Pietermaritzburg, pastors from across the city again came together to discuss a mission in the city for 2012.

It was widely agreed upon that the mission came at God’s divine prompting and timing, and that the Church
needed a ‘Kingdom’ focus, breaking away from individual church agendas. A desire to become a connected church, connecting with the city, was expressed.

African Enterprise as an organisation has a heritage of bringing people together and a strong desire to help facilitate this move of unity in reaching the city of Pietermaritzburg with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only is AE passionate to see evangelism reignited during the mission, but we are passionate about churches ‘finding eachother’ and being reconciled as the Church of Pietermaritzburg in the process.

“Ultimately it’s about the church taking ownership. Saying, ‘what is it that our city needs?’ and then working
together to answer these needs,” says Miles Giljam, AE SA Team Leader. “I felt a real excitement at the fraternal meeting. I felt people were saying ‘Yes! This is the time for the Kingdom in our city.”

AE is also excited to see the next generation encouraged to rise up and ‘take the city’, seeing this as a time for
the younger generation to be fathered, mentored and released. Michael Cassidy, the founder of African Enterprise, shared his experiences of the Pietermaritzburg mission in 1962, and spoke of the significance of holding another mission in the city next year as AE celebrates its 50th anniversary. Miles Giljam, the new South African Team Leader, and Songe Chibambo, Director of Pan African Missions, also addressed the gathering.

A follow up meeting will be held in the city center on Thursday 25 August, to further discuss preparations for
the mission in 2012.


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