PMB 2012 Prayer Committee meets for the first time.

02 Nov

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The Prayer Committee held their first meeting on Saturday, 29th October 2011.  This meeting saw twenty five people from different areas of Pietermaritzburg, different age groups, different denominations and different race groups come together in unity with a passion for Christ, with a heart for prayer and a burden for the city of Pietermaritzburg.

The morning began with a powerful time of Praise and Worship led by Tanya Simons.  The opening song.…”Every prayer a powerful weapon, strongholds come tumbling down”!  This set the platform for what our meeting was all about.

The committee was welcomed by David Peters and addressed by Ronelle Muragan who cast the vision for the Pietemaritzburg Mission 2012.  Pastor Daya Chetty (Chairman of the Committee) went through the role & expectations of the committee.  We had a time of breaking up into the zones / communities that we represent to discuss the prayer needs and how we could initiate prayer in these areas.

A highlight of the meeting was being addressed by Edna, a vibrant 85 year old with an absolute passion for the city and the Lord, who shared on the “Caleb Prayer”!  Another highlight was that we had intended to invite a specific and strategic person to the meeting but did not have her contact details but on the morning of the meeting she happened to be walking past and was available to join us!

Dr Brian Andrews (Vice Chair of the Steering Committee) had a picture of a hot air balloon that was unable to sail off into the sky because of a lack of fire, he then led us in a time of repentance, asking the Lord to send His fire, to forgive and to help us. We praise God, this first meeting was full of the rich, tangible, presence of the Lord which left us all hugely encouraged and inpsired for all that we are called to do!


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