Looking back, leaping forwards …

17 Jan

From the 20 – 23 August 2012 we will be celebrating our Anniversary after 50 years of ministry on the African Continent!

During this time we will not only be looking back in thanksgiving for all that the Lord has done over the past 50 years, but also looking forward in anticipation to the future of this ministry.

Michael Cassidy’s vision to “Evangelise the Cities of Africa through Word and Deed in Partnership with the Church”, led to the first city-wide mission facilitated by AE, in Pietermaritzburg in 1962. And 50 years later we will be holding another city-wide mission in the same city!

Following the mission, which will run from 12-19 August 2012, we will be hosting 3 days of Jubilee Celebrations from the 20-23 August 2012.

At the celebrations we will be looking back with thanksgiving and celebrating the ministry, and some of the great evangelists that have journeyed with Michael, over many years. We will also look forward with anticipation for all that lies ahead.

We will have speakers from all over Africa and beyond sharing a retrospective and prophetic view on the state of the Church in Africa and the world.

There will also be ample opportunity to meet with the African team leaders and Board members from 10 different countries on the continent, as well as Directors and Board members from the Support Boards.

In addition, we will be holding a special gala dinner and other evening entertainments and day trips to surrounding areas of interest.

As well as celebrating and learning together, there will also be an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in the KwaZulu Natal Province with a 3 day bus tour safari being offered at the end of the Celebrations.

Please send an indication of your interest to Hloni Letuka, the Project Manager for Jubilee 2012, at


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