Youth declare Pietermaritzburg the “City of Good Choices”

29 Jan

The shoppers on Langilabele St in Pietermaritzburg were presented with more choice than normal on Saturday morning! A group of over 100 young Christians, singing and dancing, marched down the street declaring “Choose-Zikhethele – the choice is yours!”

The young people, representing church youth groups from around the city, marched from Pine St, down Langibalele St, to the Church of the Vow. Dancing and singing they stopped four times at key points to pray for their city. They prayed God’s blessings on those working in education, business, provincial government, the municipality and the taxi associations.

The march was significant in that it represented the next generation of young leaders challenging citizens to make the right choices that would determine the future of the City of Choice. In between singing hymns, the young people prayed that our business and political leaders would make good choices – honesty over corruption and prosperity rather than poverty, to name just two. At the Church of the Vow they prayed for unity in the city and amongst the churches. Throughout the day they called on the city to choose Jesus.

The young people are part of the “Choose-Zikhethele” mission to Pietermaritzburg, facilitated by African Enterprise in partnership with the churches of the city. The mission starts this year and will involve a long-term commitment by city churches to strategically serve the city in every aspect of our corporate life. Church leaders hope to see transformation in the lives of individuals, families, key institutions like the municipality and the broader city itself.

AE is an international Christian missions agency with offices in 16 countries, but founded 50 years ago in Pietermaritzburg by Michael Cassidy. Churches and Christian NGO’s from all Christian denominations are welcome to join the mission by contacting the African Enterprise offices on 033 347 1911. For more information visit our mission blog on

See more pics of the march on our Facebook page here.

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One response to “Youth declare Pietermaritzburg the “City of Good Choices”

  1. David Chasemena

    February 4, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    im very thrilled to get in touch with africa enterprise, im a Pastor here in zambia planting churches in the rural of zambia. please let me know how you can partner with us to reach the lost. we are currently about to start building our first ever chuch building in Lusaka. We would like to see how God can help us to also put up a radio station for broadcasting god’s word.

    My details are; Mobile:+260977746915/+260955746915/+260967746915.

    Rev.David Chasemena.


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