Youth lead city in prayer

15 Mar

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Hundreds of Pietermaritzburg residents gathered together in the city hall last Tuesday to pray for PMB. This meeting was unusual in that it was initiated, organized and hosted by the youth committee of the ‘Choose-Zikhethele’ mission to Pietermaritzburg, a joint initiative between African Enterprise and the churches of PMB.

The meeting opened with vibrant singing of both modern praise and worship songs and older, well-loved hymns. Those gathered were then led to pray for the city of Pietermaritzburg in the areas of relationships, education, morality and leadership. Interspersed throughout the programme were testimonies of youngsters who had left behind lives of promiscuity, drugs and hopelessness and chose to walk a different path in Christ Jesus.

‘Choose-Zikhethele’ is a colloquial Zulu term meaning ‘the choice is yours’. The citizens of PMB can choose honesty over corruption, purity over promiscuity, responsibility over carelessness, life in Christ over death, the city itself being molded and shaped by the choices of its citizens.

The prayer evening was part of the mission which will extend throughout 2012 and beyond, with an intensive week of focus from the 12-19 August 2012.


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