AE singing ‘Jesus Arise in this Place’

01 Mar

Thanduxolo ChristianAfrican Enterprise (AE) was recently blessed by an anointed offering shared by 2013 Foxfire, Thanduxolo Christian (Thando). He serenaded the congregation at a Tuesday morning devotion at AE with a song that rained down from an open heaven. He gave testimony to the fact that he was merely the vessel when first playing and singing the song which he later entitled, Jesus Arise. “I was playing piano during a youth service in 2011 at the YMCA Chapel, we were singing You are Alpha and Omega and suddenly it faded and I began playing the cords to this foreign song which, the music was then accompanied by the words ‘Jesus arise in this place…’ The congregation joined in singing and I stopped singing after chanting the words ‘Let Your power be shown…’ at this point I began praying and there began a mighty revival as people who previously couldn’t speak in tongues began doing so, people were crying as they were touched by the Holy Spirit, demons began manifesting…, it was the most powerful moment I have ever experienced, one that I will never forget.” It was Thando’s third time sharing his song at AE’s devotion and in keeping with its origin, a powerful anointing was present among the congregants. Thando continues to write lyrics and music and says that he plans on one day producing an album.


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