Meet the 2012 Foxfire Youth Team!

For more information on the members of the 2012 Foxfire Team, click here.

You are invited to meet the 2012 Foxfire team at their special commissioning service!

Date: Saturday 18 February 2012
Time: Starts at 5pm
Venue: African Enterprise Jabulani Lapa
Dress code: Casual
RSVP: To Biggie Paul on 033 347 1911 / 033 347 7022 or email
Feel free to bring family & friends along.

We will be Commissioning the new Foxfire Team to go out into South Africa to share the Good News of Jesus Christ! For more information on our Foxfire Youth Ministry visit our website here.


Video of Youth Prayer March in PMB!


Youth declare Pietermaritzburg the “City of Good Choices”

The shoppers on Langilabele St in Pietermaritzburg were presented with more choice than normal on Saturday morning! A group of over 100 young Christians, singing and dancing, marched down the street declaring “Choose-Zikhethele – the choice is yours!”

The young people, representing church youth groups from around the city, marched from Pine St, down Langibalele St, to the Church of the Vow. Dancing and singing they stopped four times at key points to pray for their city. They prayed God’s blessings on those working in education, business, provincial government, the municipality and the taxi associations.

The march was significant in that it represented the next generation of young leaders challenging citizens to make the right choices that would determine the future of the City of Choice. In between singing hymns, the young people prayed that our business and political leaders would make good choices – honesty over corruption and prosperity rather than poverty, to name just two. At the Church of the Vow they prayed for unity in the city and amongst the churches. Throughout the day they called on the city to choose Jesus.

The young people are part of the “Choose-Zikhethele” mission to Pietermaritzburg, facilitated by African Enterprise in partnership with the churches of the city. The mission starts this year and will involve a long-term commitment by city churches to strategically serve the city in every aspect of our corporate life. Church leaders hope to see transformation in the lives of individuals, families, key institutions like the municipality and the broader city itself.

AE is an international Christian missions agency with offices in 16 countries, but founded 50 years ago in Pietermaritzburg by Michael Cassidy. Churches and Christian NGO’s from all Christian denominations are welcome to join the mission by contacting the African Enterprise offices on 033 347 1911. For more information visit our mission blog on

See more pics of the march on our Facebook page here.

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Join us as we prayer walk in PMB city centre …

The Youth Committee for the 2012 mission has initiated a prayer walk in the PMB city centre for this coming weekend.

Although intiated by the youth, this prayer walk is open to anyone.

We are hoping to see the church in PMB gather together in a very visual demonstration of unity and of excitment for the upcoming mission.

Not only does this march afford us the opportunity of praying together as we symbolically walk the streets of the city, but it also gives us a great opportunity to create awareness for the upcoming mission. Please join us!

Date: Saturday 28 January 2012
Time: 10am-1pm
Venue: Prayer walk starts at ESSA (189 Pine Street)

For more information please contact us on 033 347 1911 or email

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Youth sizzles!

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On Saturday 21 January the youth committee followed their committee meeting with a braai… and the younger generation showed that they don’t bow to stereotypes when the women manned the braai!

The youth committee had invited members of the other committees to join them for fellowship. Ps. Paul Saul from the Advisory Committee, Johannes from ESSA and Pastor Daya from the Prayer Committee all attended. The focus of this meeting was the youth prayer march through the city of PMB on 28 January 2012. The march is a youth intiative, hoping to raise awareness for the mission in August.

Upcoming youth committee meetings are as follows: 18 February 2012 at GFLC, 7am; and 17 March 2012 at Breakthrough Church (time TBA).


Looking back, leaping forwards …

From the 20 – 23 August 2012 we will be celebrating our Anniversary after 50 years of ministry on the African Continent!

During this time we will not only be looking back in thanksgiving for all that the Lord has done over the past 50 years, but also looking forward in anticipation to the future of this ministry.

Michael Cassidy’s vision to “Evangelise the Cities of Africa through Word and Deed in Partnership with the Church”, led to the first city-wide mission facilitated by AE, in Pietermaritzburg in 1962. And 50 years later we will be holding another city-wide mission in the same city!

Following the mission, which will run from 12-19 August 2012, we will be hosting 3 days of Jubilee Celebrations from the 20-23 August 2012.

At the celebrations we will be looking back with thanksgiving and celebrating the ministry, and some of the great evangelists that have journeyed with Michael, over many years. We will also look forward with anticipation for all that lies ahead.

We will have speakers from all over Africa and beyond sharing a retrospective and prophetic view on the state of the Church in Africa and the world.

There will also be ample opportunity to meet with the African team leaders and Board members from 10 different countries on the continent, as well as Directors and Board members from the Support Boards.

In addition, we will be holding a special gala dinner and other evening entertainments and day trips to surrounding areas of interest.

As well as celebrating and learning together, there will also be an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in the KwaZulu Natal Province with a 3 day bus tour safari being offered at the end of the Celebrations.

Please send an indication of your interest to Hloni Letuka, the Project Manager for Jubilee 2012, at


Tribute to a great man and good friend of AE, Calvin Cook.

It is with real sadness that we announce the death of longstanding friend of AE, Prof. Calvin Cook, who went to be with our Lord this December.

Below are a few words from Michael Cassidy in tribute of Calvin.

Over many years, and to a good many people, I have said, “I can’t imagine a world without Calvin Cook”.

Calvin, as one of the dearest, wisest, saintliest and most treasured friends I have known, had become such a giant and pervasive presence in my life that I could not think of life without him. Sadly, I will now have to.

I, on behalf of my wife Carol and my whole family, and Miles Giljam, the leader of African Enterprise, South Africa, and our AE ministry around Africa and the world, would like to extend to Pat, Calvin’s wife, and the whole family our deepest possible sympathy, love and prayers at this time. I feel so privileged that Calvin, a couple of years ago, asked that I would share at his funeral which was held on the 30 December last year.

So where and how does one start to share about the life and influence of such a man? For me, and I suspect for all of us that knew Calvin, it has to begin and end with gratitude and thanksgiving for one of the finest, saintliest and most authentically Christian lives any of us are ever likely to know. We can say, as St. Paul said to the Philippians, and of the Philippians, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” And I especially, as the founder of African Enterprise, can add Paul’s next words, when he said to the Philippians, “because of your partnership with me in the Gospel from the first day until now” which for Calvin and I started in 1961 and ended in his death.

So what are the things that one would most especially thank the Lord for in terms of Calvin’s life and ministry?

I think first of all for me, and for all who knew him, in Christian ministry particularly, he stood as an “Exhibit A” Christian and a true man of God. If one wanted to know what the true Christian life and character were all about, one could look at Calvin Cook and see it personalised and epitomised. And I knew Calvin well, over a 50 year span of friendship in 101 different contexts. From church contexts, Christian conferences, African Enterprise board meetings, multiple mentoring sessions through to once a month lunches in Howick with him and Pat, and in recent years in hundreds of other social situations. We also had our regular TV rugby sessions when we were both trying to pray the Springboks through to victory – a serious test for the sanctification of even the most committed Calvinist! And I don’t think in all of those situations I ever saw Calvin manifest an ungodly reaction or an unchristian attitude. Even when referee Bryce Lawrence began playing for the Wallabies half way through the quarter final of the recent World Cup! Calvin would keep his grace. Again and again, I marvelled at his capacity to bring a truly Christian, biblical, Godly, forgiving and loving attitude to every situation. In fact, and I’ve thought about this in a fairly considered way, I think Calvin was probably the single saintliest person I have ever known and I think Pat, that you and Calvin together were the saintliest Christian pair, husband and wife, that has ever been my privilege to know. Pat, I want to say that your example as a married couple and as parents was totally inspirational and exemplary for Carol and I.

In this regard I also want to thank God for Calvin as a man of the Bible and of the Gospel. Calvin brought every issue of life, thought, faith and reflection, moral behaviour and Christian ministry to the touch stone of Scripture. “The Bible say it, I believe it, that settles it”, was how he viewed the Bible as the Word of God. Scripture was decisive for Calvin, in all matters of faith and morals, though his approach was not obscurantist nor simplistic because he was a scholar and a theologian of note, and an intellectual of brilliance with a mind-bending memory and an encyclopaedic grasp of Church history. Even at my last meeting with Calvin just a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about the 18th century preacher in America, great Revivalist and thinker Jonathan Edwards, and I was astounded at his grasp of Edwards’ life, significance and teachings.

Calvin brought to the Scripture, even to the simplest proclamation and declaration of the Gospel, the acumen of a brilliant theologian, a superb historian and a very capable exegete and a passionate evangelist, who wanted above all to see people come to know Jesus Christ and put their faith in him as Saviour and Lord.

Calvin was also, and for this I thank the Lord, a true man of the Church. By that I mean the visible corporate structure of the worshipping body of Christ. I think the Presbyterian church of South Africa was uniquely privileged to have Calvin as one of its favourite sons, key figures and distinguished leaders. But Calvin’s church commitments were not just to its corporate structure. He was equally committed to its local expression in the local and parish church, and he was a wonderful pastor and shepherd. It was in this capacity that I first met Calvin in August 1961 when I came to Pietermaritzburg and had the privilege of preaching in his church.

As a man of the church he was also a man for unity. Unity at a national level as well as in the local church, and we worked together on the South African Congress on Mission and Evangelism in 1973 when we drew together most of the leadership of the South African Church. Calvin gave an amazing and prophetic utterance on the South African Church using the duck billed platypus as his major analogy!

And then of course he also made a great contribution at an international level in the ecumenical movement.

As a man of unity, he has been a major encouragement to me in the writing of my book on John 17, The Church Jesus Prayed For, which has just finished. A few weeks ago I had a team of 5 or 6 editors together, working through every page of the book from beginning to end. Calvin said, “I couldn’t be there but I prayed for you the whole of those 3 days, morning, noon and night, as you were working on finalising that book.”

Then of course, for Calvin to be a person of unity and to bring people together like that, he had to also be a man of the Spirit. Now for Calvin the Holy Spirit was not the forgotten person of the Trinity but the centrally experienced power for daily life and witness. In the 70’s when the Renewal Movement burst upon South Africa, Calvin and Pat were in there, boots and all, exploring and appropriating and giving a lead in terms of the person, work, fruit and gifting of the Holy Spirit. And he was a man of the Spirit till the very, very end of his days. All I can say about that is ‘Deo Gloria’ and ‘Gloria in Excelsis’.

Then perhaps as I close, I would want to say a bit about what Calvin was to me personally, and very particularly I want to declare that he was the Father of the African Enterprise ministry in Africa, and in South Africa, and its chief architect, counsellor and advisor. Calvin was perhaps the one person in South Africa and Africa about whom I can use Paul’s words to Philippians with real exactness when he said, “I thank my God on every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you, making my prayer with joy, thankful in the partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now.” And Paul says, “I’m thankful that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”, and that indeed is exactly what he did. It was Calvin who opened up for us at our very first mission held in Pietermaritzburg in August 1962. A year before that, in 1961, he had gone to the Minister’s Fraternal, who were considering some ‘big cheeses’ from around the world to lead the city-wide mission, and said, “I believe the time has come”, as he put it, “for the church of Pietermaritzburg to take a major risk, and invite Michael and his little team”. We had never done anything before, and we were invited to come for what turned out to be quite an historic endeavour. Fifty years have since passed, and this coming year we will be celebrating our anniversary with another mission to Pietermaritzburg. Miles Giljam, our leader in South Africa, says he hopes and prays that it will be a sufficiently wonderful experience to be in memory and tribute to Calvin.

From the ‘Maritzburg Mission, Calvin then opened up the Wits Mission in ’67 when he was a lecturer there, then the Johannesburg Mission, 300 churches for one year in 1970, and then the Rhodes Mission in 1972. From then on AE was launched. It could never have been launched but for Calvin Cook and I give praise for that. He served on our board of directors right up until just a couple of years ago.

I would like to mention that to me he was a friend, a mentor and advisor of consummate value, and I absolutely treasure everything that he was. I am going to miss the teas and the lunches out with you guys, Pat, and the rugby matches and then the post-rugby suppers at our house when we would analyse the game and see who the really bad guys were. I will miss the endless conversations as he mentored me in theology, spirituality, Christian life, missiology and evangelism.

It’s hard for me to think of not actually being able to say to Carol, or to say to myself or to the Lord, “I must go and check what Calvin would think about this”. And so it is a huge emotional, spiritual hole left in my life, not comparable of course to the gap left in the lives Pat, and family.

And so the Lord has now called Calvin home and he who began the good work in Calvin has brought it now to glorious completion. And Calvin would say, I’m sure, in those few words of the Apostle in Philippians just a few verses later, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. So we praise God that he has entered into that arena about which the Apostle can say, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has there entered the hearts of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love Him.”

That is what Calvin is, and for us who remain, we all now say, and will always say, that we thank our God upon every remembrance of Calvin Cook.


Pietermaritzburg gathers to pray in City Hall

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On the evening of Tuesday the 29th November hundreds of Christians from around the city of Pietermaritzburg gathered in the City Hall to start the mission off with a bang … through prayer!

Between times of joyful and powerful praise and worship, they lifted their voices as one in prayer for: the different mission committees and working groups, for there to be true unity in the church, against strongholds in the city, for the key institutions, vulnerable children, and the marginalized of the city, and for those who do not as yet know Christ as their saviour.

Michael Cassidy addressed the gathering and welcomed them to the meeting, reminiscing of when in 1962 he preached to a packed city hall at the first ever mission conducted by AE in Pietermaritzburg.

The advisory committee, or ‘Elders of the city’, and the steering committee were then inducted.

The presence of God was tangible and it was a joyful and encouraging time as people from all race groups and from different churches in the city enthusiastically agreed in prayer.

Ronelle Muragan, AE SA’s Prayer Co-ordinator, Miles Giljam, AE SA Team Leader, share their experiences of the evening:

Further such meetings have been arranged for the new year. Dates and times will be published shortly.


Foxfire Team 2011 Graduates

On Friday 25 November the 2011 Foxfire Youth Team graduated in front of a packed audience of family, friends, and AE staff and supporters.  

Although the weather outside the Jabulani Lapa at the AE Centre was cold and rainy, inside was warm and filled with the sounds of praise, worship and applause as we thanked God for His faithfulness toward the team in the year of 2011, and also celebrated the team and their faithfulness in ministry over the past year.

The team has reached a total of 41 000 people over the year with 4 900 youngsters making a decision for Christ for the first time and 913 re-dedicating their lives to him. In total the team visited 33 schools and 52 churches during the year.

Michael Cassidy gave a short, anecdotal address to the graduates about being “instruments of His choice” and the importance of being available to be used by Him.

The Foxfire team entertained the gathering of friends and family with their favourite dance and drama routines of the year and at the end of the proceedings AE founder, Michael Cassidy, and International Team Leader, Stephen Lungu, took to the floor, showing the younger generation that they still had some moves left!

A few members of the 2011 team will be staying on to do another year of Foxfire Youth training and ministry, but for those who are leaving, we would like to send them with a blessing and strong encouragment to walk in the way that the Lord has set before them and to be bold and very courageous. Our country needs more young people like you!

We will shortly be introducing the 2012 Foxfire Youth Team to you, so watch this space!


More prizes up for grabs …

More prizes are up for grabs for those who will be joining us at our Christmas Dinner Theatre on Satudray 10 Dec. Get a table of friends together to come and enjoy this special evening (and a scrumptious carvery buffet) with us. Tickets are R120pp and all proceeds go to the PMB 2012 mission. For more info contact Kaylee on or call 033 347 7012 or 072 138 0767

Some of the prizes …

  • Gift Voucher at MacDonald’s Garden Centre
  • Gift voucher for 2 to Butcher Boys resturarant
  • Gift voucher to Flavour Café
  • Gift Voucher for a Facial at Just Lavender
  • Round of golf for 4 Sakabula Golfing Estate
  • SA v Sir Lanka cricket text tickets
  • Autographed Proteas’ cricket bat
  • Maritzburg United Football Club double tickets x 20
  • Maritzburg United Football Club (MUFC) VIP tickets x 4
  • Autographed MUFC players jersey
  • Watch from NWJ
  • A holiday for a family of 4 in the Drakensberg worth R2800
  • A cupcake course from Nikki Palmer
  • A chocolate and sweetie hamper from Candy Tops in East London
  • An Oakley Suitcase worth R2000
  • A Patriot Hydration Bag worth R400
  • A weekend away with all meals at African Enterprise conference centre
  • Photo shoot x 3 from Enigma
  • Stihl Electric Trimmer worth R1500

And more!